The Bi4S Course has participants from over 40 countries making it a truly global educational initiative on Genomics and Bioinformatics for School Students

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Course Overview

While genomics and bioinformatics is increasingly being applied in a variety of settings for including research, clinical and public health and surveillance of pathogens, this programme aims to educate the next generation of students with the basic understanding of the concepts and tools in bioinformatics.

This course provides an overview of the concepts and methods of genomics and bioinformatics through a series of didactic lectures apart from exercises. 

Who can attend ?

Any school student from anywhere in the world can attend the course. The course is designed keeping in mind students of age 12-13 years and above (roughly 7th/8th standard and above) but this should not be perceived as a restriction for anyone below this to attend and take the course. The medium of instruction is English.

The course would be delivered online and can be participated asynchronously, depending on the time-zones and convenience wherever you are. You would require only access to a mobile device / tablet / laptop / computer with internet access.

The course would tentatively commence in April 2023 and can be taken until June/July 2023

Participation in the course is free of cost.

What will I learn ?

You are expected to learn about the basic concepts of genomics and bioinformatics and get accustomed with the online resources, tools for analysis of sequences.

How do I register ?

You could register online using the link. You will require to provide the email of your parent/legal guardian who can be reached out for more instructions on how to join and participate in the course. 

The course is designed for school students, ideally of age of 12-18 years.

If you are 18 years and above, you might be interested in the Genomic Variant Analysis and Interpretation Course 2023 starting in April/May 2023

Deadline for registrations would be 15th March 2023